Friday, November 23, 2012

Congrats Adam and Ashleigh

My son's best friend since kindergarten, Adam, recently wed his high school sweetheart, Ashleigh.  Adam is the first of Zach's buddies to tie the knot.  Only 24 years old, and fresh out of college, these two are in for a tough time in this economy.  But they have a strong support network of family and friends, and they are so in love, they will be fine. 
It was a lovely wedding held at the George Key Ranch in Yorba Linda, under the beautiful shade trees.  Ashleigh was the most gorgeous bride, and my son Zach, part of the wedding party, escorting Ashleigh's best friend.
Ashleigh's parents hosted the reception in their incredible home/yard in the Yorba Linda Hills.  It was such a perfect day for the young couple.

My daughter Dani, and Zach's other best friend and college roommate, Sean, were having a blast.

But all of Adam and Zach's buddies were watching over my girl to make sure she didn't have too good of a time, much to her dismay.  LOL

Ashleigh's parents provided the most clever guest gifts, succulents in a burlap wrap, bound with ribbon and sweet tags with the couple's name, housed in such a cool way.
Adam and Ashleigh, I wish you joy and happiness, and all the best in your new life together.
Love you two very much.

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