Saturday, November 17, 2012

Really Abstract Wood Sculptures - Student Work

Last school year I showed off this really extraordinary sculpture by junior Tiffany Lee.  It was hanging on the Open House wall, and I had asked Tiffany to turn on the batteries she installed in it, so it lite up like a Xmas tree.  All of us where in shock and awe by this incredible piece.  But later on I realized that one couldn't  really tell what it looked like when it was lit, so I asked Tiffany to bring it back at the beginning of this school year and I photoed it again (below)
The project was to begin with a piece of wood from the scrap bin, and saw, sand and drill it and turn it into an abstract wood person, animal, sea creature, something along that line.  The kids had to collage the wood with papers and then stain over that with watered down acrylics.  Tiffany went for an octopus and pulled it off with a veggy steamer, twinkle lites, and I believe about 6 or 7 battery packs that you have to find the switches for to turn it on.  A challenge, but oh, so worth it!  Thanks Tiffany for bringing it back in. 

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