Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting the Princess Ready for College

After two hours of shopping for bedding and storage solutions at Target, Danielle finally made her choices   She has chosen a shabby chic/modern look with soft florals atop black linens.
Mummmm...interesting, I think I like it.  
To make it even more feminine we go to Joann's and she picks out eyelet to trim around all the top edges of the sheets and pillow cases.  I show her how to do it on the sewing machine and off she goes.

Here is her pillow sham above all soft and quilty, but Dani also wanted a lap blanket for atop her bed to protect her very white shabby chic comforter.  Of course we couldn't find one she liked, so I volunteered to make one, if she helped me a bit.
So we taped the back fabric, batting and top layer onto my studio floor and spent another couple of hours pin basting the layers together.  Then I let her chose the quilting design which was similar to what was one her other bedding and I masked the design down so I could use the edges to draw all my lines in blue chalk.
Many hours and days later, wella, the finished lap quilt complete with eyelet trim below, before the blue chalk was washed out.
A close up.

A special inscription for my girl  :)
And her very tiny dorm room.  She's a pretty messy room mate, but at least we can see the bedding all together.
Very shabby, very chic Dan!  Love you baby.
Clean up your room!  LOL

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