Saturday, November 24, 2012

Color Theory - Student Work

I'm so excited to share the new talent that's come my way in my Beginning 2-D class.  This was their first assignment of the year where they learned all about working with color schemes and the color wheel.  How they designed the assignment was up to them.  The medium is tempera. 

The piece above was created by senior May Luong.  I felt her design was brilliant and so beautifully crafted, and the pen and ink work showed amazing effort and patience.  Junior Deena Younan made the cool piece below.  I thought her design idea was so clever, and I was impressed with how she shaded in the walls and cast shadows with the tempera paint.  Not easy for a beginner.

Senior Ashley Chowdhury made this crazy wonderful, complex work above.  Notice the visual textural elements she has brought in with the sharpie marker.  And below senior Sheila San Agustin designed and painted this lovely yet twisted work.  Impeccable craftsmanship as well Sheila.  In fact, her craftsmanship was so well done that she didn't need to bring in any marker lines at all around her edges.  Bravo Woman! 

I adore this next piece by senior Alice Zhang.  So lovely, so sensitive.  I showed off many of her works last school year in my 3-D class.  Alice is gifted in both 2 and 3-D.  Next we have senior Anne Allan who is new to me, and I'm thrilled with her original, well thought out designs.  I also like how she has incorporated visual texture with the sharpie.
And I'd like to end with another of Alice's pieces, her color wheel below.  Again her sensitive craftsmanship, her color blending with the tempera, the lid's cast shadow, how the lashes go from thick to thin, just beautiful work kiddo. 

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