Friday, November 16, 2012


After displaying these beautiful hand dyed and spun yarns at school for my students, I stupidly put them in the dryer, yes, dryer (what was I thinking??) to get the clay dust off the surface of the yarn balls.  I thought I had them wound really tight and secure, and i only left them in for a few minutes, but it was definitely a few minutes too long cuz this is what greeted me when I opened the dryer door.  Eeks!
So after 2 hours of patiently untangling them I was able to rescue them.  So sorry my lovelies, I promise to never do this to you again.
And then there was the day that I accidently forgot that I was steaming some hand dyed yarns in the back of my classroom, and I started to smell smoke.  Then I remembered but it was way too late.  All's I had left in the steamer were burnt offerings.  Phew, what a mess that was to clean up!

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