Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sighting - Corner of Art Room

When I'm teaching my beginning 2-d students to draw, we go thru a unit on perspective, but I teach it using Dr. Betty Edward's Right Brain technique called "sighting".  It involves closing your weak eye, extending your arm out, locking your elbow and measuring distances and sighting angles.  It works really well and the kids use it to draw a corner of my room from either a one or two-point perspective place.

This top one was drawn by superstar senior Tiffany Yeh.  She went all out with her piece.  And no, this is not what my art room looks like normally  LOL.
I ask the kids to alter reality in their pieces, so that's why all this cool stuff is going on.

I believe senior Joan Kim drew the one above, and sophomore Megan Yeu created the one below.

I have several very talented sophomores coming up in the ranks, and the very expressive one above was done by Jessica Perez.
This next one was drawn by senior Archie Ravichandran who will be in the dorms next year with my daughter Dani at Cal Poly Pomona.  I've got my fingers crossed, I'm hoping they will be roommates.

Below we have another sophomore, Shiree Lee, whom I'm hoping will be coming back to me next year.

Next is very talented senior William Luo who I have enjoyed getting to know and working with very much this year.
And below his is junior Halah Elsahhar.  She has playfully turned my glass doors into candy bars for a very sweet piece.
And last but never least is senior Joseph Pang below with his adorable walrus' playing cards.

Fabulous job all of you and thank you for working so hard for me all the time.  I've really enjoyed you beginners this year.  You are a very talented bunch.

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