Friday, June 1, 2012

Belinda Wu - Student Art

Every year I get a couple of very artistically talented kids who come to me and ask if they can challenge my beginning level 2-d class and go right into the Intermediate class.  In order for them to do the challenge they have to jump thru several hoops first.
This year I had 2 students ask about the challenge.  One declined after she heard what she'd have to do, the other took the challenge and made it, with flying colors, in fact.  And she is junior Belinda Wu.  I took pix of 2 of her challenge pieces that I'd like to share.

In this first piece I asked her to watercolor a flower and then to bring in more value range with some charcoal.  As you can see the piece is quite lovely and very well designed with wonderful range of value, color choices and sound watercolor technique.  I was impressed.  
Belinda tells me she is completely self taught which really surprised me because her work is very sophisticated.
Below, I asked her to compose a self portrait collage with some bas-relief elements, text, interesting background, and also to work to a theme in her life.  Again, she brings me this incredible work.  And I think, where have you been all these years?  Her reply, focusing on her academics. 
Well move over math and science cuz we have a few art classes to get thru before this girl graduates.
Needless to say, Belinda passed the challenge and I'm really looking forward to see what else she will be creating for me.


  1. cool- i like that you have a challenge that they can go through to advance. good going!

  2. I am so excited for Belinda! I am looking forward to seeing what she does for you too!!!