Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Slab Wraps - Student Work

I showed off these pieces a while back when they where just greenware (formed but unfired) and had many positive responses on them.  So now I want to show how the beginning clay kids finished them off.  The 2 little cuties above were both done by senior Priya Shah.  The one on the left she stained with cobalt carbonate on the outside and our blue glaze on the inside.  Love the flower and wire detail she added.  The other she glazed both in and outside.  Both are so sweet.
I really enjoy the sense of movement in this next one by junior Stella Park, as ell as the asymmetry of it all. 
These 2 handsome works were done by seniors Sagar Shah and Andy Hwang.  Sagar has stained his with red iron and Andy with rutile, and both boys glazed their insides.
I really like how senior Brian Hur glazed the inside of his piece with a double pour technique.  And I believe I see a heart on the left side there, how sweet Brian, is this for Kelsea?
Here's another that moves so gracefully by sophomore Ann Munoz.  Ann is one of my up and coming great designers.
And lastly we have 2 different views of junior Rita Labib's very unique piece.  She made this elaborate diamond for the inside of her wrap, and then melted glass shards down the side in the glaze fire.  Super cool piece Rita!!

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