Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Emily Felderman - Textile Artist

Emily Felderman
Shaker Heights, Ohio  U.S.A.

Recently when I was visiting Fiber Artist Christine Mauersberger's blobsite, she was highlighting Textile Artist Emily Felderman's work that I fell instantly in love with.  I was so moved by her work that I contacted Emily to ask if I could showcase her work on my blog for my fiber students.  She very graciously said yes.
So enjoy!

Artist's Statement

I love making stitches; they are simple and forthright. Stitching by hand does not require loud machines or protective gear, just a hand, needle, thread, and fabric. Historically, stitches have been both necessary and decorative. They can help tell a story, record important occasions, and pass guarded messages.

My work is created by making thousands of colorful stitches; it has a unique hand made quality that no machine can produce. I begin by sketching new ideas and gathering thread colors. As the piece develops, I hang it to get a feel of what it looks like on the wall and to get a new perspective. I re-evaluate and will often add new colors at this stage.

In addition to framed pieces, I have recently begun combining my textile work with vintage objects. Beginning with my Grandfather's gears and washers, I integrated portions of my stitched work within the objects. I began experimenting with vintage scissors; I like the idea of using them in new ways and wonder what they were used for before I found them? Stitching? Cutting papers? Utilitarian? Bonsai? They are now part of a complete art piece where their patina, scratches, and history are integrated and unified with my textile work.



"Silver Leaf"

Emily's work is currently on display at Heights Art Gallery in Cleveland Heights, Ohio thru June 2, 2012.  If you would like to visit Emily's website, it's a visual delight.


  1. These are marvelous! Love the scissors and the use of her grandfather's artifacts!

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