Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend 2012

I had a fun and crazy good weekend with my two kids, so good that I was actually exhusted when it was over.
Started off with my favorite activity, weeding  LOL  Seriously, I love it, I love getting dirt under my fingernails, love pulling out a stubborn weed, planting ,digging and uncovering treasures like this lone marigold in Zach's garden.  For me it's the best, most relaxing therapy.  And it was especially nice that we were able to help my son clear his garden in Pasadena.  He lives in an old back house and has his own plot of land to do with whatever he pleases.
But I do have to admit that Jim and Zach did most of the hard work.  Some of the weeds in Zach's garden were as tall as me, I kid you not.
It only took us 2 1/2 hours but we managed to clear the whole space.
And found a few buried fruits and vegetables from his winter and spring garden.
As you can see, Jim was really happy when we were done.
But we still had to Rototill the soil and rake it smooth.  Another sweaty, backbreaking hour. 
But man oh man does it feel good when you are done!
And of course I had to give that Rototiller a try.  Check out the pumpkin patch that sprang up in Zach's compost pile on the left there.  I counted 10 baby pumpkins, and also found a lone cherry tomato plant in there with at least 30 tomatoes.  Way to go Zach!!
Next we made a pit stop at a local Pasadena nursery.  What a treat that was.  This place almost rivals Rogers Gardens, almost. 
They had a good 1/4 acre of Japanese Maples, so many varieties I've never seen before.  And many raised vegetable gardens.  Just check out this huge lettuce plant below.  Crazy I tell you!

And the topper was my son made an amazing dinner for my daughter and her boyfriend who drove up, my husband and I, and Zach's new gal friend.  What you ask was on the menu??  Healthy Food.  Jim was TERRIFIED.  Zach baked 3 huge spaghetti squash and topped it with sauteed Italian sausage in his own homemade marinara sauce with a fresh loaf of French bread.  I wish I would have taken a pix, I was so proud of him.  And even Jim ate and enjoyed it.  Hee, hee  :) 
On Sunday, Dani drove me to the Corona Del Mar coastline to visit another of my favorite places, the tide pools with a view of Laguna in the distance. 
The day was spectacular and the water was warm.  We shared a sandwich at Bruegal's Bagels on PCH and then she took me to have our toes done.  Two whorl wind days with my babies. 

And then there's my 2 sweet babies at home who gave me a much wanted fiber book on Boro.
But the real kicker was my ex had Jim and I over for a Mother's Day bar-b-que that night.  It just doesn't get any better.  :)
Thank you all for 2 wonderful days.  I love you all so much!! 

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