Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mosaic Frames - Student Work

A favorite assignment of my Beginning 3-d students are these gorgeous mosaic frames.  All are truly spectacular so I had to take a shot of the whole bunch.

But junior David Lee really outdid himself with his striking, very dangerous design above.
One of the class favorites was this exceptional work by junior Nikeeta Shah.  We loved both front and back of hers.

One of my personal favorites was this one above created by junior Julia Faith Chanco.  Before she began her design she went out to collect her own pebbles.  That makes me so happy.  I love when my students put out extra effort for their pieces.
Next we have senior Megan Machado, who worked with an amazing amount of small shards that she had to cut herself, and below is junior Sheila San Agustin who managed to work in a dragon from ceramic shards.

Junior Edgar Aguilar did this wonderful underwater scene with a special backside.

The really exciting design above was done by junior Lily Lin.  Anytime you bring in a checkerboard of any shape or color, it's bound to make your design pop.
Junior Phoebe Liu went with a Dancing Thru Life theme and if you look closely you will see several abstract dancers in her piece.

Another personal favorite was created by junior Hannah Park.  I love how she incorporated a lot of text under lots of clear glass shards.  I believe she watercolored the text before she glued the glass pieces down so that she has very subtle colors running thru her work.
Next is senior Aparna Vancheswaran who did this very delicate piece above.  Just look at all those tiny shards she had to nip plus I like that she also incorporated the pearls.  And did you see the little girl floating away with the balloons?
This last one was the most difficult as well as most outstanding of the bunch.  It was done by junior Tiffany Lee.  Tiffany always out does herself with every assignment.  She gives me everything she's got.  She actually went to the store and bought a larger frame to work on then I gave the others.  She also purchased some funky plastic torsos and painted lots and lots of faces on the underside of clear rounds of glass.  Because all the plastic pieces were hollow, she used a glue gun to fill them from the back side so she could glue them down better.  But the hardest part was the grouting.  All the others took between 1 1/2 to 2 hours to grout.  Tiffany started at 9 a.m. and finished at 3:30 in the afternoon.  Her teachers allowed her to miss all her classes so she could take the time to grout her frame properly.  Thank you Whitney teachers for your understanding!

My favorite pix is this one.  I love when the kids come in to enjoy each others work, and to take the time to critique and marvel at it.  But most of all I love how the students here at Whitney are a family and love and respect each other.  From the backside are Hannah Park, Niki Shah and Angela Wan.
I know what a lucky woman I am to teach at this very special school.


  1. These are so cool, the students will treasure them forever!

  2. i like that your students get to experiment with so many different materials.

  3. Very very nice!!! I love them all.