Friday, May 4, 2012

Buttons, Buttons...

whose got the buttons?  Me!  And they are on sale right now.  
E-mail me if you are interested in purchasing a few.  
The cost is $2 each, or 2 of $3.50, 3 for $5.00, 4 for $6.50, 5 for $9.00, 6 for $10.50 and 7 for $13.00. 
They are mounted on mono printed paper.
They come from sample Polymer canes I build while demonstrating for my students.
I usually use either FIMO or Premier Clay Brands, usually whatever is on sale...
and I teach the kids several techniques with the medium.  They usually end up with 14 or so buttons and beads at the end of the clay unit.  
The mono printed paper I pulled from my classroom sink.
I think I shared this last school year.  My students are a bit wasteful when it comes to painting.  A lot of paint ends up being washed down the sink.  So one day it looked so pretty I decided to lay a large sheet of construction paper down on top of it and pull a print.  
Here is Print #1 below.
It turned out so well that I placed another piece of paper down and pulled it's ghost below.  You can even see the sink drain holes.  Of course the 2nd one is never as vivid as the first pull.

This is a sweater that I knit many years ago for my daughter when she was about 7 yrs. old.  It's when I first discovered the gorgeous yarn brand "Noro" from Japan, hand dyed and spun from wool and silk at about $11 a skein.  Ouch!  And the pattern called for knitting with two strands at a time.  Double Ouch!!  So about $150 dollars later and many hours I completed this sweater only to find that it was much too large for Danielle.  So sad.  So I gave it as a Xmas gift to my beloved Aunt Elena, but unfortunately it was too small for her.  So what to do.  It's never been worn.  It's a woman's size small/petite and it's lovely.  I even made polymer buttons to match (below).  It can be yours for the price of the yarn $150 or your best offer  :)  E-mail me.

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