Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Slab Shrines - Student Work

Let's see what my Intermediate Ceramics II kiddos have been up to.  Finishing off their slab shrines.  Senior Tiffany Liu used a time theme with lots of cool embossing in her clay, and a very expressive face.
Look closely at all her eye catching details.
My clay students are encouraged to sift thru my hardware area to incorporate metal pieces into their works.  Senior David Hyun has used a lot of nails in his piece.   At 2150 degrees the metal has a tendency to expand and corrode which provides an interesting contrast to the glaze and clay.
Here you can see both sides of David's piece.  Love the faces that he sculpted and attached.
Below is senior Melissa Garcia's shrine.  She is giving this to her sister for a gift and enshrined her sister's favorite feathers. 

Senior Hanna Woo cracks me up with her piece above.  They were all required to put expressive faces on these works.  Hanna's face is so expressive with it's tongue sticking out and nails spilling out of it's mouth.  Love it Hanna!

Below senior Alyssa Olea's face actually fell off and she chose not to put it back on.  Regardless, the piece is very appealing.  She has enshrined some dried flowers that I haven't seen since the 1970's.  I remember I had oodles of these dried straw flowers in all the ceramics vases I used to make in high school.  Are they back??   

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