Friday, May 18, 2012

Which Guitar is it Going to Be?

His very  hip and snazzy red one?

His old stand by that he commissioned alumni Caroline Ma to  re-designed for him with Polymer tiles and paper collage?

Or one of his gazillion guitars that he has stashed around the house?

Maybe it's gonna be his guitar that looks like a violin?
Then you never know what unsuspecting person he will cajole to get up on stage and sing with him.

It's all a BLAST!!  With lots of singing and dancing to tunes from the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Or possibly it will be this piece of crap guitar that he covered with old leather?

But more importantly, which of his many cool outfits will he wear?
And which hair style will he sport?
You just won't know till you get there, will you???  LOL
So please come join Jim and his band The Rockits tonight from 8-11 at Java Joe's in Yorba Linda, or if you can't make that  how about tomorrow night at Main Street Restaurant from 7-10 in old downtown Yorba Linda.  Or what about both??  
Hope to see you there!

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