Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inglenook Fibers - Spinning Batts

Aren't these fabulous???!!!  I bought these spinning batts from this etsy site after I saw them on my friend Lori Lawson's blog and knew I had to spin some up. 
As soon as they arrived 2 weeks ago, I shared them with my beginning 3-d kids who I'd just taught to spin and they loved the colorway choices and the easy spinability.  The price was very reasonable for the amount that the site sends you.  The best part is that when you open up the batts there are even more glorious colors on the inside that you can't see when they are rolled up.  What a treat.
The fibers included in the batts are merino, silk, alpaca, wool, bamboo, silk noil, flax and bits of angelina for a tiny bit of sparkle.   Lovely!

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