Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Teapots with Attitude

When sophomore Aman Patel is not busy making clay surprises for me (see yesterday's post), he's actually a really good designer and craftsman.  His piece above shows off his skills.
These are handbuilt clay teapots from my Beginning Ceramic kids.  Their assignment was to not only make a teapot that functions, but to design it so that is whimsical, expressive and not the norm.  Below we see senior Tim Chai's very funky piece.  I believe in the 70's we would have said this piece looks like it's trying to "Keep on Truckin".  You totally nailed the assignment Tim!
In senior Claudine Talamayan's pot she has put on a very playful knob and an extra long spout.  Very sweet.
These kids were also required to use multiple glazes in a pouring or splattering technique.  So as you can see in junior Rita Labib's Dr. Suessish teapot below, she has poured tan glaze overtop turquoise. 
Above senior Michelle Lee struggled with the whimsy in this assignment, but I think in the end she definitely got a teapot out of the norm.
Below is junior Tahnee and her very cute little piece with a great splattered design.
I adore junior Stella Park's fun pot above with it's really pretty glaze spots. 
Seniors Alice Cho and Priya Shah have both used our white glaze overtop our turquoise.  But the results are so different because one splattered and the other poured.
Senior Jaimee Chirico went in a completely different direction.  Her whimsy came in the form of an exaggerated female form, holding her heart in her hand.  And her glazing is equally intriguing.
Senior Stephen Frianeza really came up with a very unique design with this cool piece below.
These 3 little cuties belong to seniors Brian Hur, Brady Son and Shaun Pak. 
Next we see senior Shayna Franklin's very funky piece below.  Love her glaze job with the combo. of pouring and controlled splatter.
Senior Sangita Rajan's teapot above has so much attitude.  Great job kiddo.
Kelsey Chang, senior, has built a very cool little band aide knob, but it's her glaze job that has me taking a second look.  Our white over top our black.  Love the texture that she's getting in the overlaps.
And Kelsey being Kelsey, as she always does,  finishes the assignment early and then created this more traditional, very lovely teapot below.
For many of you, this was your first time to make my blog post, congrats  :)

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