Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jaimee Chirico - Self Portrait #2

Senior Jaimee Chirico just recently finished up her second self-portrait, but this time she included her boyfriend in a fun pose they took together.  Once again Jaimee used oil pastel, one of her favorite mediums and worked to a larger scale of 18" by 24".  She is so comfortable in the medium that I asked her to demonstrate her technique to the 7th graders when they were introduced to it.  As she was demoing she stopped and looked up at me and said "So this is what it feels like, I don't really like it".  And I replied "Get used to it if you want to be an art teacher" which I think she still does.  In fact, I think she wants to come back to Whitney and take over for me when I retire.  Join the list kiddo, get in line with alum Joyce Byean and Jordan Joyce.  :) 

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