Monday, April 23, 2012

My New School Shoes

Ever since I meet my new husband Jim, he has been teaching me the fine art of vintage and thrift store shopping.  You would not believe the deals he fines, he has an eye for very fine leather coats and shoes.  But I am proud to say, I found these beauties before he spotted them.  They are vintage handmade Italian shoes.    The leather is soft and supple, and the shoe, so comfortable.
What really grabbed me was that the leather on the toes looked eco-dyed or tye-dyed, so of course I had to try them on.
Honestly, they are a size too big, but who cares, I love them.  The other day I wore them into my daughter's work (her major next year will be Fashion Merchandising) to visit her and she exclaimed "What do you have on your feet?"  With a big smile I told her they were my newest find, and she said "OMG, you are never allowed to wear those when you are with me!"  I guess she doesn't like them  LOL
Knowing me, I'll wear them even more just to make her mad  :) cuz that's the way I roll.

What do they say about mothers and daughters??  I know they say something, don't they????
I don't know, I me with this one please  LOL

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  1. I say, your job as a mother isn't complete, until you've embarrassed your children in public a few times. Singing in the grocery store is one of my favorites. Wearing clothing you love and they think is hideous, works too.
    Good job on the shoe find.