Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Before and After Portraits - Student Work

One of my favorite assignments of the year to show is the progress that is made by my Beginning 2-d Art students thru their before and after portraits of each other.  Right before the drawing portion of the class begins I pair the kids up and ask them to draw each other in profile to the very best of their ability.

Their skill level before instruction range anywhere from pre-k thru junior college level, quite a diverse range.  Hopefully thru the teaching methods from Dr. Betty Edwards' "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain" book, I can get them all to junior collage level and beyond.

Above we have senior William Luo who came in with medium range drawing skills doing junior Halah Elsahhar.  But you can see clearly that his skills have really soared after 3 months of Right Brain exercises.  
Above we have sophomore Megan Yeu who is drawing junior Corrine Marcus.  Megan came in with some of the highest technical skills in the class but look at her go now.  Crazy Amazing!!!
Next we have senior Joan Kim who is headed to art school.  Her skills were also very good coming into the class, but with the right brain exercises there is always room for improvement, as you can see.

Below we have junior Gisel Zabala who was paired up with senior Joseph Chon.  What a remarkable transformation Gisel has made.  I'm so proud of how hard you worked for this Gisel.

Senior Tiffany Yeh came in with a very high skill level and just look where she went...through the roof!!!  Senior Grace Liao sat very patiently while Tiffany drew her.

Then there is senior Emily He who came in with some lower level drawing skills (6th to 7th grade), but look at how realistic she is drawing junior Sabrina Velasco now.

And then there is senior Dustin Lee, who came in with 3rd to 4th grade drawing skills, maybe the lowest in the class, huh Dustin??   :)  But out of everyone, he made the biggest jump, the most progress.  I'm so thrilled for you Dustin, you couldn't have made me any happier!!! 

I have enjoyed working with you beginners so much, you guys have busted your buns for me.  Thank you all so much for making my job so enjoyable.  I love you and will remember what a wonderful experience it was teaching you to draw!!

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