Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Garden at My Ex's

Because Inars, my ex,and I have remained good friends after our divorce, I frequently go over to help him with the yard that I helped to landscape 10 years ago.  Often I go home to Jim with the most beautiful bouquets in hand.  My Dutch Iris bulbs have multiplied like crazy... 
and the azaleas continue to thrive, I especially love the mixed flower above.

Zach planted these nastrusums several years ago to ward off bugs from his vegetable garden and they are multiplying and blooming like crazy.  They are my new favorite cut flower to put in my bouquets.
This is the second or third year in a row that this Bearded Iris has bloomed, and below is one of Zach's cactus gardens that he planted 3 years ago from small cuttings we collected.
Several varieties of geraniums are going to town in this sunny area at the front of the property...

but my most beloved are this pink magnolia tree above that Zach and I planted in remembrance of my mother's passing 4 years ago.  Zach told me it was in bloom, but by the time I got by to take it's pix this was the last blossom remaining at the tip top.  Below is the lily that has bloomed faithfully every year since my Aunt Elena's passing, 4 years ago as well.  
Thank you Inars for continuing to take care of all my plants that I care so much about.  For taking the time to weed the garden and most of all for remembering to do all the hand watering where the sprinklers don't reach. You are a very good man, a wonderful father, and my good friend.

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