Sunday, April 15, 2012

Take Me Out to the Old T-Ball Game

One of the many perks of getting remarried is the instant second family you acquire.  So let me show off my new grandbabies.  This is J.V., short for James Vincent, and it's his first experience playing ball.  He's on the Yankees and he's a pretty good little player.
He's got a good stance at the plate...
and a powerful swing.
In the field he remembers to keep his glove open but that's about it for right now...LOL

And then there's his cheerleaders, his gorgeous mommy Carrie, and adorable little sis McKenzie.
But Kenzie doesn't quite have the hang of being in the rooting section yet, she's more interested in her sippy cup and self-soothing hair thrilling like her grandpa (pop pop)
or digging for rocks and sticks with her granny Deb.  A teacher's work is never done  :)

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