Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Open House Preview

It's so much fun for me and my students to watch the Open House Walls go up.  They are hung every year by my Intermediate, Advanced and Special Students 2-d students and I use the project as their final for 3rd quarter.  I give the kids a crash course on Gallery Display then off they go to work their magic.

This is senior Janice Min above just getting started on her corner wall.  I prep the walls with alternating sheets of black and brown paper, and then the students are encouraged to embellish with paint before they hang the art pieces.  You can see that Janice has painted a tree on her black panel.
Meanwhile on the other side of the room, seniors Michelle Lee and Michael Chen are furiously painting and preping their walls for the art to come.  Michael is painting a Star Wars theme hoping to entice Mr. Jeans (our civic teacher) to come to see the room (he'a a big fan).  He has never had the time to drop by since he started teaching here.  Guess what Michael, he showed up this afternoon just to see your wall  :)  Way to go!!!!
Here is junior Cindy Kim working on the hardest panel.  She has to work around a door and several light switch panels.  We are also seeing a glimpse of senior Crislyn Ogawa's corner wall with a star-filled night theme.

And now the finished walls...
This wall was put up by senior and 4th year 2-d student Jaimee Chirico.  It's one of my favorite panels this year. 
Here are Michelle's, Michael's, and Cindy's walls.
And seniors Sarah Zhang, Jessica Liu, and junior Laura Kadi's walls with Janice Min's in the far corner. 

The kids really enjoyed putting up each other's work and I think the displays are spectacular  so join me please these next two weeks to see all this amazing work.  Stop by the school from 8 till 3, check in at the office and I'm in the back of the school in room 18.  I'll give you the grand tour.  Many of the art pieces are for sale.  Or you can join me tomorrow night, April 18th, from 5:30 till 8:00 for the Open House Art Show and Sale.

Below are the beginning 2-d students before and after drawings so you can see the progress they've made this year.   They are remarkable and I will be posting them soon.


  1. What a wonderful display! I love how the students added to the panels -wonderful! ......Chris