Saturday, April 7, 2012

Put Another Candle on My Birthday Cake...

I was another year older on the 31st of March, and my husband, children and students made it memorable. 

Dinner with my husband at our favorite resturant in Laguna Beach, The Lumberyard.  Flowers from my son's garden (above), and the most heartfelt card form my daughter (below), plus the full line of Perricom face products from her job at Planet Beauty.  I think they are working Dani, cuz I feel younger already  :)

And a big, beautiful cake from the student council kids that I had the pleasure of sharing with my 5th period ceramics students (we ate it so fast that I didn't think to get a pix)  LOL

And calla lilies from senior Michelle Lee, and Dutch Iris from my ex's garden.

And a day spent with my son at my favorite nursery, Roger's Gardens in Corona Del Mar.
My favorite flowers in bloom, Hydrengas.

And a bright spot of nastursums below.

The most magical hangings made from the shells of coconuts.

Zach found something special, a colorful Japanese Maple with the brightest red truck, and green leaves with red all around the tips.

This fabulous raised vegetable bed, and all the veggies ready for harvesting (2 summers ago Zach had a little business and built several of these for his friends parent's backyards)

And then off we drove down the coast thru Laguna Beach to it's southern most tip, the Montage Hotel.  My new daughter-in-law told me they have raised veggie beds there that we had to check out.

But first we had to check out the view from the top of the hotel.
The Front View... 

The view to the right...

and the view to the left. 

And finally the raised beds.  Five of them in a row.  The hotel cooks send out their helpers to pick the herbs and lettaces to use in the kitchens.

And Aunt Stella, this lady bug is for you.  I couldn't resist.  :)


  1. The lumberyed flower is awesome!The fabolus vegetables bed are ready for harvesting.

  2. It looks like you had the most wonderful spring birthday and the most eloquent letter of love I've every read. My birthday was April 2nd, so I understand how exciting it is to celebrate it within the blooms and beach! Happy belated Birthday to you!

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