Friday, April 13, 2012

Coil Pot Figure Sculpture - Student Work

These figure sculptures belong to my second year clay kids.  They had to choose between a nude male or female torso to work from.  They resourced my art history books for visuals.

This first piece was made by senior Hanna Woo who I think was really surprised by how well her piece turned out.  She still can't decide if she wants to call it a Buddha figure of a Sumo Wrestler form.  I just know that you did a heck of a job Hanna, I really like it!

This next gorgeous form was created by senior David Hyun.  David is also a highly talented 2-d artist and has done some nude figure drawings which I'm sure really helped him visualize his piece.  It's exceptional David.

We have senior Melissa Garcia with this next one that is probably close to being life size.  I think Melissa, like Hanna, was really surprised with how well hers turned out.

These kids built these huge pieces completely out of clay coils.  
They all had a choice between smoothing them out on the outside or allowing the coils to show.  No choice on the inside.  They had to smooth the inside to help hold pieces together.
This last one was made by senior Alyssa Olea.  Alyssa started out really strong but began to struggle as she moved upward, so the piece is a bit top heavy, but still really well done.
This was a really difficult assignment but I think it pushed all of you to grow in your 3-d skills.  I appreciate your effort and your not giving up, especially you Alyssa   :)