Friday, April 20, 2012

Mixed Media Wood Collage - Student Work

So let's see what seniors Kelsey Lee and Nandi Best have been up to in Advanced 3-D art.

Their assignment was to start with a piece of plywood as their foundation and make either a bas relief wall hanging or a free standing sculpture.  They were required to add additional wood pieces, glass shards, acrylic paint,text, wire, and tissue collage.  Subject matter was up to them.  They could also add any other goodies that they found around the room.

In Nandi's piece above and below, she went all out and created an incredible free standing sculpture.  I especially love that she incorporated an old palm frond I had gotten from a neighbor over 20 years ago that has been sitting in my kiln room gathering dust.  She spray painted the trunk of it black and glued small glass shards on the tips and she cut off and soaked the fronds in water so that she was able to bend them into her nest without breaking them.
She also did some wood carving on the front face focal point and I believe used watercolor to stain her wood with.  Above you can see the lovely paper collage stamped wings on her figure, and below how she used string to tie the fronds together.  
Strikingly Brilliant Piece little girl with tremendous effort!!

In this next one Kelsey took a much more subtle, feminine approach to her work.  She very slightly stained her plywood base with watercolor or acrylic (not sure) and then did use watered down acrylics to paint her flower petals with.  Love the drips too.  She also used the most lovely shades for her glass shards and in her focal point collaged down some organza with wire laid over top.  Then the text on either corner for added interest and balance.  Then in the other two corners, slivers of wood finish off the piece.  It's so lovely Kelsey, it's so you.  

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