Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Frontal Fractures - Student Art

Couldn't wait to share these with all of you. Every year this assignment gets better and better. These belong to my 2nd year drawing/painting students and they were required to use either oil or water based patels to recreate a frontal pose of their choosing, and then to fracture it in some way. Afterwards they were to mount their fractures so that the whole piece feels balanced and the design feels right to the eye. The top one belongs to senior Amanda Garcia. Love how she worked out her fractures plus she chose a great subject to work with. The second one belongs to senior Regina Teng. She decided that she wanted hers more separated from each other rather than mounting them together. This way she could play with her presentation. Loved her subjects!

Senior Mindy Cho outdid herself with this piece. She distressed a piece of plywood with gesso, acrylic paints, fiberglass and nails to create a background to mount her fractures on. She also brought in wire that she pierced through a few of her fractures. Brilliant work Mindy! Belongs in a gallery on La Cienaga Blvd. in L.A.

A close -up of one of Mindy's fractures, and how well it blends into her mixed media background rather than just sitting on top of it. Impressive piece! Look closely and you will see her fiberglass inlay below the ear.
Senior Michelle Bui embellished her fractures with ribbons and ripped tissue paper. So lovely Michelle!

Senior Caroline Ma mounted her fractures on a painted acrylic canvas. I really like how she brought out the purples from the women's eyeshadow into her canvas color choices. Really pulls the piece together well. Caroline shared with me that she's still planning on doing more with embellishment over top the edges of her fractures. Should be interesting!

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