Thursday, April 9, 2009

Katherine England - Professional Glass Artist

Maybe you've seen Katherine's mosaic horse earlier this month on my blog. This is a second piece in her Shakespearean series, and my favorite so far. One of the many things I love about this work is that she incorporates 3 different techniques together rather than just doing a straight mosaic piece. So she is using traditional mosaic work along with fused glass and soldering techniques. I teach all 3 of these to my students but Katherine has inspired me to have my students combine them into one piece as well. We started this week learning fused glass basics and my kids full fused work is being fired right now in the kiln. On Monday we will build some partially fused pieces including earthquake houses, then move on to soldering. Can't wait to post all their results!

The next few posts are close-ups of Katherine's piece. Look at these great little fused houses. So whimsical.

It looks as if Katherine is melting her mosaic glass shards. See how rounded all the edges are. It really gives the glass pieces a very cool look.

Your soldered glass piece can be any shape you want it to be. I've never seen that before. I've only seen squares and rectangles.

A close-up of the 3 techniques: soldered glass piece, fused glass, and mosaic work.

Another close-up. Fabulous work Katherine :) thank you for allowing me to photograph your work to teach and inspire my students with. And a very special thank you for allowing me to share your sketchbook with them this last week. They were enthralled and several told me they can't wait to start one of their own!

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  1. hi mrs agrums! so i finally got around to checking out your blog and its really cool! i wish i had taken 3D so i could do mosaics as well :( Well, i actually had a question for you: It seems like my brother wants my graphite portrait to hang in his new apartment, and i wanted to give it to him for his birthday on 5/5. So would it be okay if i could change it to NFS the monday we get back? and also if you need it past may could i make a print of it?