Friday, April 3, 2009

Wood Working Exercise - Student Art

The kids (especially my young 7th grade boys) really enjoyed this exercise in drilling, sawing, sanding, staining, and surface embellishment on top of wooden blocks and dowels. We ran out of time to take the exercise any further (my fault, I goofed up on time allotment for another assignment). Usually after we do the basic exercises we turn these blocks and dowels into flying angels that are suspended from walls and ceilings at Open House time. I know the students were disappointed that we didn't get to carry that thru. Sorry guys! These are their finished trails. After they practiced sawing, drilling, sanding and staining the wood, I had them do further embellishments with collaging tissue paper and text from magazines, then re-staining over parts of that to see the different results they could achieve.

Here is one of my more talented designers senior Connie Pae drilling for the first time. She's using her hoodie to keep her hair from getting caught in the drill bit.

Here are seniors Shabina Toorawa and Emily Choh getting ready to drill into their blocks of wood and saw through their dowels. Looking good ladies!

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