Thursday, April 9, 2009

Alumni Visits

It's so much fun to catch up with students who have graduated. I love when they come by to say hi. Some of these kids spent 6 years with me in various art classes and it's really hard to say goodbye at the end of their senior year. I've watched them grow from squirrely or shy 7th graders to remarkable young men and women. Here are a few shots of a couple of my all time favorite kids. Bea Uyan (on right) was like a daughter to me and started in my 7th grade crafts class and worked her way up thru 4th level crafts as well as taking a beginning drawing/painting class. Bea attends UC San Diego along with her good friend here (on left) Sujin Nam who I had for a beginning clay class. Sujin like Bea was an amazing student. Looking good ladies :) So sorry I didn't have more time to visit with you Bea, I was so busy the day you came by.

Spencer Sim who started with me in the 7th grade and did 3 years of drawing and painting as well as a year being my Art Technician, and his good lfriend Gloria Kim. Both Spencer and Gloria are at UC San Diego. Love and miss you Spencer!

From left to right: Jessie Tung, Janice Tsao who spent 4 years with me in drawing and painting and is an art major at UC Davis, Grace Song and Sharon Chen who had 3 years of drawing and painting. So good to see you guys!

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  1. Mrs. Agrums!!!
    I just saw this post. I know I'm super late hahah I look terrible! Like I'm falling asleep heehee
    I hope you are doing well. I enjoyed reading through the previous posts to this one [as I procrastinate studying for finals =)] Your student's art works are amazing this year!! I wish I was there to take your class again! I will come back to visit again soon!