Friday, April 24, 2009

Landscape Design/Mosaic Stepping Stone

My son Zach, age 20, is a Plant Science Major at Cal Poly in Pomona, and this is his second attempt at landscape design in his drafting class. I felt this one turned out really well so I wanted to share it. I can't believe how much he's already learned there. What a great school with a lot of hands-on learning. And even better for me, he actually invites me to accompany him on various outings to all the beautiful gardens in the south land. And then we get to go back home to plant all our purchases. So much fun hanging out with my boy! Just this last Sunday we spent the morning at the Cal State Fullerton Arboritum's Anuual Green Scene which my friend from mosaics class, Janet McGarvey, organized and put on. Lots of exotic plants and fun accessories for the garden at great prices. Below is the mosaic stepping stone that I purchased from glass artist Sue Ferrante, and that my son had to haul around the grounds for me. It probably weights at least 25 pounds. He's such a good boy. :)

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