Thursday, April 2, 2009

Springtime in my Garden

I love garden sculpture especially when it's made by my students, so I've collected a lot of it over the years. These two pieces are in my walkway leading to the our front door. The piggy was a Home Depot find and the coil pot was made last year by then junior Wendy Ku. Unfortunately, our gardener recently knocked the pot over with our heavy new hose and broke it into many pieces. So I'm really glad I got a shot of it before the fall. Accidents happen.

One of my favorite times of year are when my azaleas are blooming and my citrus trees are in blossom with their wonderful fragrance wafting through my yard. The azaleas are especially tricky for me to grow and I've lost many over the years, but the ones on my side yard seem to hang in there for me.

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  1. many pieces of pottery can become other yard art....