Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Open House Preview - Student Art

One of my favorite assignments of the year is having my Intermediate and Advanced drawing students hang the walls in my room for Open House Nite. The students are actually graded on how well they do in terms of balancing out the pieces, having an equal distribution between black and white and colored work, having work from each of the 8 classes I teach, and on the craftsmanship and effort involved in putting up a good display. This is such a great learning experience for them and I'm pretty sure they enjoy the process. Senior Caroline Ma and Junior Jullian Kho were partnered together to put up this wall. They are adding some collage elements in the background to fill in their negative spaces. They are also learning to climb ladders. LOL

Senior Kevin Lam is busy finishing up his wall by painting in text in the background spaces. The wall to the left of Kevin's was put up by Senior Steffi Wong. Seniors Brandon Dumais and Tiffany Powell are chilling in the foreground because their walls are done.

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