Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Agrums' Front Yard

My yard continues to evolve as we move into summer. The geraniums are going crazy, and my sweet little begonias have finally established themselves. In a couple of weeks I'll be putting in my marigolds for even more color since my snap dragons are dying out. I just missed catching the blue and purple iris that were blooming last week under the birch tree. But now their cousins the white iris are sending up their blooms. So it's all good.

A close-up of one of my son Zach's bog's that he has growing around the house. This one is called an American Pitcher plant and the stalks just opened up last week to expose their blooms, those gorgeous fluted pitchers. It will continue to grow and bloom all summer long. Notice all the other plant life springing up around them. Little seeds that have found their way into the warm wet environment. On the right is a venus fly trap stalk with it's white blossom as well.

My variegated cannas, by summer they will be taller than me with peachy tangerine blossoms.

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