Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rachel Rilloraza - Student Art

Senior Rachel Rilloraza has been taking art classes from me since she was a 7th grader. She is currently in 2 of my classes and did this piece at the beginning of the school year. Because she is in a 4th year special studies crafts class with me she gets to create her own assignments. I had bought this wonderful new metal product that can be manipulated and embossed and thought she might be interested in sculpting with it, so this was her end result. What I especially appreciate about Rachel is that she goes the extra mile to frame out many of her pieces.

A close up of her mask. Sorry it's a little blurry.


  1. That's metal? How terrific. It has a wonderful soft quality about it.

  2. i love the look of this piec4 and especially like that sculptable netting!