Tuesday, January 31, 2023



Our local San Gabriel Mountain range as seen from our street in Anaheim Hills

We here in the southland have been getting a whole lot of weather this year,
from the Santa Ana Winds blowing thru
(no fires yet)
to the very chilly temps with snow on our local mountains
 and much needed rain.
Same range but taken from another street a day after it snowed

And along with this delightful weather 
we are also getting much clearer and cleaner skies,
 resulting in incredible sunsets.
From the entrance to our Condo complex

From our driveway

From street above our reservoir


  1. such incredible mountain views ... thank goodness there will be some snowpack to conserve all the water that has been falling from the sky ... so sad how much has washed out to sea ...

  2. Sadly you are right, the state of Ca. has mis-managed so much including the storing of rainfall.