Saturday, January 21, 2023


 thru some older photos I found these,
a couple favorites that I'd completely forgotten about.
I love this first photo from 1985,
although it was just too long ago for me to remember the names.
My ex, Inars,
 my then boyfriend,
 had taken me shopping to outfit me with a whole new wardrobe.
He told me my other clothes looked like I was a school marm,
which I guess I was.
Hee hee
He had worked at a men's store and knew fashion.
Actually he still does,
know fashion.
Still irons all his shirts and looks real spiffy.
Check out that classic 1980's blazer with shoulder pads.
In fact,
 I just recently sold it to a theater thrift shop.
I could barely get my arm inside the shelve,
I was so tiny back then but didn't even realize it.
Isn't that always the way?

The date on this one was 2006 when my current Principal who I adored,
Patty Hager,
unbeknownst to me,
 nominated me for Teacher of the Year.
This was a competition for the California League of High Schools.
All the nominees had to give a speech in front of their peers which terrified me.
I hate public speaking with a passion!!
By the time it was my turn I had inhaled at least 3 Jack Daniels and coke.
But it was still intimidating and quite awkward.
it was a huge relief when I didn't win 
since I would have had to gotten up and give another speech.
Phee Shuuu

This next photo is of a drawing one of my students gifted me of me.
I was trying to remember who drew it,
and sadly couldn't read the signature to help jar my memory.
But I always thought it was fabulous and such a fun interpretation!

As I was posting this next photo
 I suddenly remembered this alumni's name,
Ryan Chen.
I couldn't tell you what school year I had him in, 
but he came back to visit probably about 2010
and let me know he'd followed his heart and went into the arts.
I just love seeing my students all grown up, successful and happy!
And don't think I didn't notice how gorgeous he was.
But damn I look pregnant there :(,
the pounds are starting to stick.

And this last one was at Xmas time 
and one of my last photos with my students in my classroom.
Probably from the school year 2017-18.
And I'm so mad at myself for not remembering her name,
although my gut is telling me it was Jenna.  
But what I do remember is that she had to take a Fine Art to graduate 
so she picked my Crafts class and wasn't very thrilled.
But she found to her surprise that she was incredibly crafty,
did many noteworthy pieces,
and ended up enjoying herself.
I think I also remember she had enlisted in the Military Service
 and was going straight to Boot Camp upon graduation.

Why is it I remember the background info but not the names?
Crazy hard getting old.
But so fun to look back and try to put names to faces.


  1. I would remember the names during the school year ... but then the next year would bring a whole new batch of faces to learn and something had to go ... so yeah, the names went when the students left the school, but I'd still be able to say "oh, you're so-and-so's sibling" ... over the course of my (only) 12 years of being a school librarian I taught more than 5000 students, and loved most every minute of it

    I do wish I had pictures like these to look back on ... and this blog, what an amazing work of art, in and of itself!

    1. Wow Liz that's a heck of a lot of kids to remember. Was it an Elementary or Junior High? So you literally had to learn the names of the entire school population! Cuz I'm sure they all passed thru your library.

      I just did the math on how many kids I taught in my 39 years. I only had about 7210. Which is I guess enough Haha

      What I especially enjoy in these Alumni pix is seeing my classroom. I miss it so much! Brings back so many years of memories. Have I mentioned yet in any of my posts that they've turned my artroom it into a science classroom? Just about broke my heart.

    2. it was heartbreaking to hear of the science room conversion, but in all truth, no art teacher could have held a candle to what you did ... all the levels of all the disciplines ... drawing and painting and ceramics ... textiles and glass ... spinning and dyeing ... the mentoring over time, the application of Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain ... I wanted to be your student ... still do!

      And no, no one expected me to know all the names when I taught, but I couldn't help myself ... although I didn't know all the middle school and high school kids by name, I did get to know most all the elementary school names over the course of 8 years as I had them all in scheduled classes week after week ... it was wonderful

    3. Thank you Liz for your heartwarming words.xoxo

      My mother was also an Elementary Liberian and just loved working with the kiddos. I remember she loved directing them to books she thought they'd enjoy. I don't know how she managed to read so many of them but she did. Even in retirement she was a voracious reader. I fondly remember her curled up on her couch with her little reading glasses on and her kitty at her feet totally, immersed in a book.

  2. What a treasure trove of wonderful memories! Your students were so lucky to have art classes available to them, and you for a teacher. I, too, wish I could have taken one of your classes.

    1. Oh Ruth, it was so very hard to leave and retire from the teaching profession. I loved sharing all I'd learned with the kids and passing it on to so many future generations. And what was really fun was to have the children of my ex students come and take my classes as well. And to see those ex students as parents at Back to School nites and Open Houses. Yes, so many wonderful memories...

    2. Dana, so sorry about calling you Ruth. The post you did on Ruth has stuck in my head I guess.