Thursday, February 2, 2023


I'm almost to the half way point on this shawl 
with 315 stitches across my needles.
Loving the way the black knit bobbles look
 giving the piece even more interest and dimension.
They are a pain to make, 
super time consuming
which of course slows me down even more.
Ha ha
And in this next white row I will be doing another round of them.
I'm also enjoying the pop of black and white check surrounded by that lovely darker green.
Day 11 (above) is a couple of shades of lighter greens 
mixed with a bit of yellow green.
Gorgeous colors.
Amanda Rios of Buku Knits in La Verne, Ca.,
 you are a genius with your dye pots!

Oh and Day 10 came with a bonus surprise,
the black and white check yarn surround for the white ball.
Love it!