Saturday, January 6, 2018


I'm really excited to share with you that my all time favorite Yarn Store,
Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. in the Marina Pacifica in Long Beach Ca.
not only is offering (besides Knitting & Crochet) Weaving, Spinning & now 
Stitching on hand dyed fabrics classes.
Oh yeah!
The Fiber Arts are alive and thriving in Southern Ca.
The owner of Alamitos Bay tells me that the recent revival of weaving is keeping 
a lot of small owner yarn shops in the area alive.
I sure hope that's happening across our country as well.
In the last 10 years we have lost so many wonderful yarn stores here in the southland.
Every time one has closed it just hurts my heart so much,
because one of my favorite activities when I have time off 
is to travel far and wide to visit yarn stores.

And..........  I also recently discovered that one of our Alum,
Lacey Koch,
Brooklyn Tweed Debut & Garment Show | Yarning for You

along with her mother,
 own a yarn store called 
Yarning for You in San Marcos, Ca. which makes me jump for joy.
I can't wait to visit her store this summer.
Her sister Leslie was one of my best ceramics students back in the day.
And Leslie and I just found each other last nite on FB.
What a small exciting world!


  1. have fun! I wish there was a yarn store near me, the other loss- book stores.
    Several of my favorites have gone out of business. The nearest is over 25 miles away and for me, on a scooter, it's impossible to get there. oh dear sorry I feeling cooped up with this weather

    1. I know, I really miss my Borders Books that closed a couple years ago. And it was so close, only a mile away!

  2. Replies
    1. Just wish I had more time to actually take these classes that I find