Wednesday, January 24, 2018


The kids freaked out when they realized I wanted them to sculpt a realistic head from clay,
and possibly use each other as models.
They wined and complained a bit,
moaned and groan and rolled their eyes a lot.
But in the end I think they actually ended up enjoying the project.
Right Vincent!!
I think junior Vincent Nguyen really liked the one his best bud 
junior Ylia Madayag did of him.
Here he is proudly showing it off.
Thanks Vincent for being such a good sport and letting me take your pix.

Senior Marjorie Balaoro did the two on the left above and here is Ylia's up closer.
I really like how Marjorie put a mask on her extra credit piece.
And check out those fabulous eyebrows and lips on Vincent!

I believe senior Avanthi Dev may have done her grandfather.
They were all required to either bring in a resource in both frontal and profile view,
or to sculpt each other.
I think it's real interesting to see how Avanthi glazed her piece 
with blood coming from eyes, nose and ear.

We all loved that senior Eunice Shim tackled a baby.
They are so much harder to work with then adults because they have so few lines in their faces
and everything must be so very smooth.
Also their proportions are different then adults.

Junior Sam Kim complained the whole way thru this assignment 
but I felt he achieved a very expressive piece (one of their requirements).
So Sam,
you pulled this off!!!

And I also believe that senior Ashley Iseri did her grandfather as well.
I felt like she really nailed him
and that hers was one of the most realistic of the bunch.

But I think my fav was this one by sophomore Olivia Krueger 
because of the way she glazed the face.
A Red Iron Oxide stained face then painting glaze on the face.
Super cool Olivia!


  1. I'm not surprised that there was much grumbling ... but I'll bet everyone who did this "sees" people more truly as a result. The two that I can still envision in my mind's eye after scrolling through are Eunice's baby and Olivia's wink. Beautiful work.

    1. I was delighted with how well they did especially after so much grumbling. I think they were a bit surprised as well ha ha