Sunday, January 21, 2018


mixed media

We saw the post yesterday that featured the work of senior Helen Park.
I had talked about the other assignment she began while she waited for her clay pot to be fired.
Well this is it.

But first...
The magnificent piece below was done by Professional Mixed Media Artist Peggy Zask
 of Zask Gallery in San Pedro, Ca.
I posted about her and her work a while back here.
I've been dying to come up with an assignment that was inspired by this piece.
So once again I used Helen as a guinea pig because of her strong critical thinking skills.

So Ta Daah,
here is her adorable little critter.
Again we worked together on the minimum requirements,
fiber, wire, polymer, & embellishments,
but sadly she ran out of time to try to incorporate them all.
Her little guy is needle felted and suspended with wire.
She's also brought in a bit of fabric, beads & button.
We were both delighted with her result,
 but decided the assignment would need way more time
 to be able to produce anything near the likes of Peggy Zask's Horse.

So thank you Helen for allowing me to test out new ideas on you!
I hope you enjoyed creating both pieces.
You are greatly missed this year.


  1. Which leads me to wonder how often time is part of your rubrics ...

    1. It is a finely tuned balancing act every year, especially with new untried assignments. Takes me hours during the summer to figure it all out and type up the new schedules. Of course I make notes to myself if an assignment will need more or less time the following year if I repeat it.