Monday, January 29, 2018


two tye-dye pieces of cotton, batting, sewing threads, embroidery needles, perle cottons, various papers, beads, buttons & other embellishments

I think I've been teaching this particular tye-dye /journal assignment for the past 10 years or so now, 
and it just seemed to go flat this last year.
And that's OK because it had a wonderful run while it lasted.
There was only one student piece that was noteworthy enough to show off 
and it's below
 done by senior Crystal.
It could have been the time of year we did the piece,
4th Quarter where the kids are getting antsy-pantsy for summer, 
and their heads and hearts just aren't in the game anymore.
Not sure. 
Or maybe they were simply burned out from all the sewing we bring into so many of the projects.
So I might change the journal portion up a bit this year,
because the kids really seemed to like the journal making section.
We'll see,
so stay tuned in!

This is Crystals journal opened up
 so you can admire the handwork she did on the front and back covers.
Lot's of seed beads and buttons with those strong diagonals leading our eye around.

But it was this next one below that really stole the show.
Again I have it opened up so you are seeing both back and front covers.
Done by who else?
A.P. English teacher Donna Hall.
She really did knock all my assignments out of the park this last year.
Kinda like English teacher Deliana Park did two years ago.
Hi Deliana!!!
We miss you big time!
Now knowing Donna really well,
 she probably didn't even like her tye-dyed background foundation.
She was funny like that.
I personally loved it.
Her green and orange secondary color scheme is one that I use a lot.
Anyways her attention to detail was truly remarkable
 as well as the time and extra effort she put into this.
I want you to see a few close-ups of the details
so you can really appreciate her work.
The kids so enjoyed having you join us in the class Donna,
and they really got to see another side to you that they aren't privy to in the classroom.
Your unsure vulnerable side.
hee hee.
I hope you realized what a super-star you truly are!


  1. lovely work by both the student and teacher

  2. Oh lucky ladies to sit in Deb Sposa's presence and stitch ... no wonder these pieces have such heart!

    Special moments: Crystal's seed bead in-filling, Donna's mosaic turtle, and the vase in the window. And the hand-dyed backgrounds, of course ... used to such excellent effect.

    1. Your comment Liz put such a big smile on my face this morning. Thank you!