Sunday, January 14, 2018


A 15" Schacht Table Top Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom 

It came in a box with many pieces and great directions for putting it together.
All's you need is a screwdriver,
and about an hour.

Warping it up at my tiny home/studio up at the cabin took a bit longer.
I forgot how tedious this process is,
especially with 60 year old eyes.
I only made 2 errors but finally
Taa Dah!
Now I'm ready to weave.

I was inspired to buy this loom by a great new publication I subscribe to.
It's called Koel Magazine and comes from The Netherlands.
Here is the First Anniversary Cover

And all the Fiber Arts it features.

And online address in cause you want to buy this issue.

Here is the project I'm working on,
these yummy pillows

And for about $300 you can buy the whole kit and kaboodle
(this includes all these high end yarns)

I was too impatient to do it online and wait for it all in the mail,
so I went to my favorite yarn store,
Alamitos Bay Yarn Co.,
and brought it all from them for the same exact price.
What I saved was in shipping and handling
which was probably considerable.

I even started making my pillow over Winter Break using some of my own hand spuns .
I'll keep you updated and give a review of the loom after I finish,
and of course the finished pillows.
I warped the loom with enough yardage that I will probably get 3 pillows made.


  1. Wow how exciting!I have several looms but haven't done weaving for a long time!

    1. Same here and now I know why, so tedious!!! ha ha

  2. Oh stop! I can't take any more inspiration (ha!)

    1. I know, right?? I totally forgot how time consuming and tedious this is. Almost wish I hadn't taken this jump LOLOLOL