Thursday, January 18, 2018


glue bottles & oil pastels on black construction paper

After the beginners go thru the Realistic Right Brain Drawing Unit
 and are able to nail very realistic subjects (like each other),
I turn the tables on them and have them re-draw their same subject in Abstraction.
Now it's all about distortion and exaggeration.
It's also about being able to still recognize the person they are drawing.
So it's a fairly sophisticated and difficult task I'm asking of them.
Let's see how they did.

Junior Mary Kim had junior Jayesh Jani that she was working with
 and all of us felt like she really captured him in a wonderfully abstracted way.
Plus she put in a wonderfully eerie backdrop as well.

Senior Cathy Huang,
who always includes a great sense of irony in all her works,
whether in clay or 2-d,
 drew  senior Jocelyn Chou.
Fantastic, clever piece Cath!

We all loved junior Tiffany Chen's portrait of junior William Tan,
because she not only only captured his likeness,
 but we also really enjoyed her analogous color choices
which gave the piece lots of sensory yumminess.

Senior Julie Guan worked with junior Raymond Ouyang
and managed to turn him into an adorable other worldly alien.

And Sarah  Oh did some strange but cool imaginings with the face of senior Christley Agbaroji.
I also really enjoyed how she built out the background with more treats for the eye.

Melissa Ongko gave us a dreamy rendeniton of junior Jesus Macias  
with the exaggeration of his already extremely long eyelashes.
Melissa also shows she has mastered the movement in value from light to dark.

And senior Lauren Kennedy had the good fortune to be partnered with senior Howard Lin
who had the most beautiful head of hair to work with.
She also shows us how powerful a complementary color scheme (blue/orange) can be.

I hope all of you enjoyed how well these turned out.
They are always one of my favorite assignments
 because you never know what you are going to get from the kids.


  1. Drawing with glue ... unbelievable. I actually went to the index and clicked on the various glue links to look back on past projects. I continue to be amazed at what your students think up and then bring to life.

    1. It's such a magical place to teach Liz, which makes the idea of retiring so much more difficult.