Wednesday, January 10, 2018


scratchboard, nibs and holders, watercolor

For most of my 2nd year 2-d art students last year,
they had never had a chance to experience scratchboard.
And it's such a magical board to work on.
There are different grades from very inexpensive to high end pieces from England.
I do splurge on this assignment and get the high end board 
because it is thick enough to support watercolors,
the others warp too badly and discolor.
Then each student receives a small piece to try out and practice on.
Subject matter is up to them 
as long as they practice cross hatching and pointillism in a wide range of values.
Then watercolor is brought into the scratched away areas.
Senior Jazzarie Lo belongs to the cat,
middle row lt. to rt. junior Sam Tun, & seniors Eileen Lee & Ayesha Durrani,
and bottom bird is senior Malaya Sithichai.

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  1. Okay, I always go for the sea-inspired pieces first, so Malaya's pelican had me at hello. But it was Eileen's crow that held my gaze the longest.