Sunday, January 7, 2018


oil pastels on black construction paper

These oil pastels are only about 5"by 7" 
but they are powerful in both their color choices, technique,and compositions.
And for many of these young ones it's the first time to use them.

This first one was done by junior Sarah Oh.
Not only are her value ranges and transitions superb,
but we loved that she both in her signature birds/animals into the backdrop.
She did this by using a blunt pencil and drawing right over the pastel.
This was an extra credit suggestion. 

Next we have senior Deborah Harris.
I loved that she chose a cow skull as her subject instead of the usual sphere,
and the way she handled her grasses and flowers was very sophisticated as well.

This one blew me away with it's depth of value ranges within each color.
Also loved the Analogous color choices to get that with.
Brilliant work junior Tiffany Chen
Really 3-D!

And check out this very cool background by senior Jocelyn Chou!
She also used the graphite to draw over top the pastel with,
plus note the background going from light to dark as well.

And this one really impressed me with how 8th grader Ashley Gong used her light source.
Look closely at how she changes the values of the yellow and black checkers
 as well as the red and white striped backdrop.
Subtle yet so powerful!


  1. Sarah's orange is exquisite, but it is the intricate background that really makes it pop ... Deborah's skull is perfectly imperfect ... Tiffany's pointillism melds beautifully with the foreground and her subtle sphere ... likewise, really love Jocelyn's shaded background ... but yes, you once again saved a very special piece for last, with Ashley's light beam taking the prize for me.

    1. And Ashley is only in 8th grade. What a sophisticated mind she has. Can you imagine what she will be doing by the time she is a senior?