Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I wait till the absolute last minute
 to take down my Fall decorations in my little home/studio,

and then I put off until about a week before Xmas to put up those decorations.
And now it's mid January and I still haven't taken them down yet.
I wonder if anybody out there has this problem as well?

Disassembling each little tree is so sad for me.
Sometimes it even makes me cry for all the memories each contain in the decorations.
For instance the 3 itsy bitsy embroidered pieces by Class of 08's Victoria An,
Love & Faith make me weep there are so precious..
Another favorite art student,
designing children's clothes for Tommy Hilfiger now,
Class of 2009 Caroline Ma's fused glass house mounted on a handmade watercolor paper
addressed to Mama Agrums melts my heart.
Fiber Artist Judy Coates Perez's embroidered felt balls,
and Folk Artist Leslie McCabe's Russian Needle Punched dogs in tiny matchboxes;
all pieces I've taught with that are so dear to me.
A hand felted stocking I made with my very first pieces of my own felt,
and the delicate wool wrapped tree my daughter gave me this Xmas cuz she knows what I love,
and last years ornament she bought for me,
a recycled tin cut deer,
it all matters.
A gold glitter pinecone my son and I made when he was a young pup.
I just love it all.

The beautiful handwoven scarf Avanthi (2017)and Karisma Dev (2015)
 brought back to me from Africa,
gathers together all my favorite photos of my children,
their spouses/girlfriends and the grandbabies,
I just can't bring myself to put it away.
And of course Fiber Artist Jude Hill's Santa Cat that I adore
and love to teach with
(at the end of the season the Santa Cat gets changed out with another Jude Hill work)
makes me feel so grateful that I own these remarkable pieces of hers.

My how hard and patiently my dear mother worked when I was a bratty teenager on her fragile eggs that she cleaned out and decoupaged back in the 1970's (low left),
that I sadly didn't appreciate until she was gone.
My daughter's plastic coated ironed bead angel as well as her little paper cut purse 
with tiny glued down pieces of cut up eraser bits that I couldn't bare to throw away
(center bottom).
And now she's the brat who has no sentiment for any of this.
But I have no fear, 
she used to be the first to volunteer to help put out the decorations when she was younger.
I know I raised a deeper person then she is right now.
I keep hearing that 28 is the magic number 
when girls start being nice to their mommies again.
I think it took me a little longer.

Above the highly embellished star 
that Class of 2009's's Ariel Improta (daughter to our beloved Drama teacher Jodi)
knew I would love, 
is hanging next to this year's 7th grader Valentina Arnold Villarreal's blue painted wood ornament
that she so sweetly dropped by even though she is no longer in my Art Wheel class.
My son's newborn picture 
as well as his kindergarten next to 8th grade pix that he made in Boy Scouts,
make me wish I could turn the clock back so I could enjoy his childhood one more time.
And all the tags that my children addressed to me over the years with their sweet handwriting
that I love to re-read every year.
And the gorgeous reindeer and tree made from recycled papers 
that my daughter gave me a couple years ago.
I just hate packing it all away.
But can you imagine the dust build up if I left all this out??

And I end with this Rug Hooked pillow top that my daughter drew the picture for 
when she was 5 1/2 of Mr. & Mrs. Claus,
thanking them for all the presents they bring her.
It was such a remarkable drawing for such a young one that I wanted a way to preserve it.
I thought I would do all the Rug Hooking myself but gave up after I got Mrs. Claus' face done.
I located a nearby Rug Hooker who finished the rest for me so I'd have it in time for Xmas.
Let's see, that was in 2000 I believe.
Such wonderful, dear memories.


  1. Deb - If it makes you feel any better, I once left my tree up until Valentine's Day ... and yes, it was a live Fraser fir. Even though we scaled way back this year, there was still a tree upon which I hung a lifetime of memories.

    So yes, I get it ... and love that you shared your memories with us here.

    1. Valentine's Day?? I love that Liz! Maybe I'll have to leave mine out a bit longer hee hee

  2. you are not alone! lol Christmas decorations hold a lot of memories for me too. I'm also a serial procrastinator. I'm still holding out home that my 30 something daughter will be nice to me