Wednesday, May 31, 2017


newspaper, starch, cardboard, muslin, dowels, string, scrap fabric, wood embellishments,
watercolor & acrylic paints, paper scraps for collage

It is such a pleasure to show off more of these amazing sailing crafts.
As you will see the kids went all out in both their ship shapes and their sail designs.

Love what junior Jullian Morris did with the tip of her boat the Nebula,
building that curve with paper mache' was no walk in the park,
as well as how she painted the hull with the starry night design.
Giving you a view of the front and back 
because she took a lot of care with fabric selection for her sail patches.
And check out the sweet bow at the top of the mast below.
And a close up of those translucent beads she found to glue to the sides.
It's little details like those that make these extra special.
And of course I like how she took the time to fray those sail edges
which softens the design.

Spectacular is how I would describe this next vessel,
from the hull design to the multiple sails.
Senior Vicky Hur spent a lot of time making her boat extra.
Everyone loved her anchor she crafted from copper craft wire.
Note how she also incorporated the wire at the bottom and top of the mast?
And I was crazy about how she dripped her paint upside down on the hull.
Vicky received a very special award from me tonight at the Senior Awards Banquet.
Top Honors for her work last year in my 2-D class, 
and top honors this year in 3-D design and construction.
Congrats Vicky.
I'm hoping when you go off to college 
you will form a crafting group and keep the arts alive with your friends.
Alumni Cindy Ryoo is starting a Ceramics program at Rice University in Houston, Texas.
Hint, hint
Vicky's sails are even billowing in the wind,
a trick we learned from nationally recognized repurpose artist Ann Wood.

Another class favorite was this very feminine and delicate ship by 8th grader Dana Ahmad.
It reminds me of what Peter Pan's Neverland ship might have looked like.
My favorite part is the lace bow at the back of the ship and how she painted the hull.
And check out below her clever boat name Seas the Day. 
I also appreciate the work it took her to string all that rigging.
And look at the adorable lace sea shell floating along one of the rigging ropes.
Then Dana brilliantly ties all the colors together with her floral patch.

Now check out the perfect craftsmanship on this vessel by senior Crystal Lai-Ton-Nu,
another award winner tonite 
for her lovely designs and craftsmanship all year long in 3-D Art.
Crystal also needs to be congratulated on having the most pieces up at Open House this year 
besides senior Shreya Sheth.
That's quite a feat because the show is juried.
I would have loved to have worked with Crystal at least on more year in Int. 3-D.
I sure hope you also keep arts & crafts in your life Crystal.

Next up we have 8th grader James Lara's boat.
I really like the double sails and especially that clever crow's nest on top. 
And of course the antique flower button and sea shell on the tip are a great compliment as well.
James even made a tiny wooden pirate but he lost it before I took the photos.
It was adorable, 
just like him  hee hee

8th grader Dylan Lin crafted this really fun ship with a cannon ball hole blown thru it's hull,
as well as the way he aged the hull with paint..
Such a clever design move Dylan.
And I really like how he also aged his sail by sewing on the same color patches
and fraying their edges.
It really looks like a ship wreck below the sea. 
Bravo young man!

Next up is another Peter Pan feeling ship by 8th grader Loren Kim.
I loved the look of this one so much that I bought it from Loren to teach with next year.
One of my favorite design moves that Loren made was to elongate the length of the sails,
and of course the effort she put into fraying each of their edges.
She also ties everything together with her Analogous color scheme,
and the dried flowers overtop the wooden buttons are such a nice detail.
A close up of her frayed edges,
sweet patches and little flags.

Also purchased by myself was this tiny but mighty sailing vessel by junior Lynette Lee.
Of course not all the ships were for sale,
the kids decided if they wanted to try and sell their work or not.
I got lucky that Lynette had hers up because I really wanted to show off her craftsmanship 
as well as the way she rigged the top of her sail. 
I also loved the way she applied her paint on the hull,
exposing a bit of the newspaper of the paper mache'.
I've always loved text in artwork.

We end with senior Sarah Woo and her super duper vessel design.
It kind of has an Asian flair to it that really catches your eye.
And the visual flow of all the parts and colors couldn't have been more perfect.
And I love, love, love how she painted her boat,
first with the transparent watercolors (so we can see the paper she used thru the paint), 
then glazing her stripes on.
Exquisite Sarah.
Another top Award Winner tonite in both the 2 and 3-D category. 
I have one more photo to add tomorrow of the back side of Sarah's boat.
But it's getting late and I've got to get to bed.
So stay tuned.
Sarah crafted a ladder that is to die for.

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  1. Okay, I'm back at last, taking notes because there is so much to love:

    - Jullian's dream-filled hull on Nebula
    - Water spraying upward on Vicky's word-filled hull and copper anchor
    - The lacy wake on Dana's Seas the Day
    - Stars on Crystals ship evoking Wynken, Blynken and Nod
    - James' crow's nest and Dylan's cannon ball run(through) hull
    - Loren's gossamer sails and rigged pennons
    - Lynnette's tightly-wrought sail with its glowing patches
    - And Sarah's ship that reminds me ever so much of a Nutcracker sleigh ... still hoping to see her ladder (hint hint)