Monday, May 8, 2017


on the Grand Adventure with son Zach & girlfriend Nicole.
After the Hike and Denny's for breakfast it was off to the
California Nursery Specialties Cactus Ranch in Reseda,
a complete Cacti & Succulent Nursery.
Right up my alley  :)
Can't wait to take Lil Guy Syd here to see the rusted Dinosaurs when he gets a little older,
and make a planter for his mommy.
This place was ginormous,
and honestly a bit overwhelming.
Ha ha
There were at least 5 of these giganuaon greenhouses that went on forever.
Like I mentioned in the previous post,
it was a good 95 degrees that day,
and a real sauna in those greenhouses.
But they had rows and rows of every cacti and succulent you could ever want,
in all different sizes.
And these were only the pix of the greenhouses,
there were a couple of acres of the same outside in the sun that I didn't even take pictures of.
Thank you Zach and Nicole for a memorable, 
and calorie burning weekend adventure.

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