Thursday, May 4, 2017


One of my favorite ways to relax,
so bring on the weeds!

In a previous post from Monday,
 I talked about going up to my son's new place to help them dig up their front planter
 and try something new.
Sadly their H.O.A. has let all the front beds go bad because the sprinklers need repair,
so the plants weren't getting any water,
and weeds took over.
Weeks before I came up,
the kids dug up the weeds from this little bed and threw seed mix down,
and watered by hand.
Some great looking Cosmos came up but they still weren't satisfied with the result. 
They wanted to try a more permanent look with Cacti, Succulents and California Natives. 
My son knows I'm crazy for Cacti and Succulents and invited me up for input and help,
therefore the post from Monday,
trekking to the California Natives Foundation.

First on the agenda,
 Nicole and I transplanted all the Cosmos to another bed in front of this one,
lining them up side by side creating a soft screened-in look,
while Zach took a pick ax and tore into the hard clay soil,
then poured 3 bags of quality mulch into it and mixed by hand.
Oh boy!
My son also went to a nearby rock retailer,
and scored several great chucks for only a couple of dollars.
Before he placed them,
he mounded up the extra soil to give a more sculpted natural look,
then carefully placed his rocks.

I was dying to help direct and place all the plants,
but I wanted it to be theirs,
 so I refrained and watched while the two worked so beautifully side by side. 
I'm so thrilled my son has found the perfect woman to be by his side.

Can you find the couple of California Natives they bought and put into the mix?
Far left back,
 mid left,
middle and right front.
Did I get that right Zach?
Can't wait till they send me an updated pix of how it's growing.

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  1. When they send the update pic I hope you'll give us a peek, too ...