Wednesday, May 3, 2017


clay, glaze, oxides

I want to make sure this remarkable piece created by junior Sarah Oh 
joins the other Slab Footed Bowls on this blog.
Sarah choose to reglaze this piece and therefore it was photographed 
at a different time and sequence then the others.
So sorry Sarah I didn't catch this earlier.

I worked with Sarah 4 years ago in the 7th Grade Art Wheel class.
And this is the first time since then that she has been able to fit an art class in her schedule.
This smart young woman, 
who wants to be an Art Major,
 has managed to fit 2 art classes in this year.
Sarah is getting known in both the clay and drawing class as having a signature style. 
In each of her pieces she somehow manages to bring in some kind of living creature,
I've seen two dragons, a cat, fish, lizard, and the list continues to grow.
So now the pressure is on Sarah,
we all wait with baited breathe to see what is coming next.
hee hee

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